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⬆️ What they said, lovely and hauntingly beautiful. I think it’s time you pull out that suitcase and share.

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Loved this. Took me to another place. Maybe it was a good place. This was truly the best. Made this foggy morning near New Orleans a tad more exciting. So good I have to go back and read again . Thank you.

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Hi Jeff

I don't know why I never realized that you were a poet.

That was well written, thought-provoking, and emotionally stirring.

Thank you for sharing it.

You are welcome to visit me at my Twitter Account:


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Lovely work, Evokes a lot of vivid images and emotions. Thanks, Jeff.

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Thank you for sharing. This makes me think, as I sometimes do, of writing I’ve already done and want to share, which I balance in my mind with sharing new writing too. Balance.

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Hauntingly beautiful and familiar Jeff. I feel this one in my bones. A poem always brings up different things for different people and yours makes me think of Springsteen’s The River:

Now those memories come back to haunt me

They haunt me like a curse

Is a dream a lie if it don't come true

Or is it something worse

You, my friend, are a poet 🙏❤️

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The fading memories, photographs stained by time, and the moments that often remain forgotten is a powerful reflection on the passage of time and the fleeting nature of existence. The question at the end adds a layer of contemplation, making the reader reflect on their own moments and connections. This reminds us of the depth in our own lives and stories.

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Hi Jeff,

Loved how the vivid imagery in your poem welcomed me in to witness your old suitcase and your memories. You inspire me to write more!

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Love this.

"I wondered

If I would ever be

What I could


The angst of living with so many things to do - so many creations, ideas, and stories to get out into the world. Of feeling that WHEN we do that we will finally BE. And trying to remember that we are All we need to be already. Easier said than done. :-)

Thank you. Jo

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Entire stories and songs

Kept in a suitcase

Under the bed

The other day while attempting my ab work I noticed my box full of journals "under the bed" and now I'm left with the question do I burn them or not?

Oh, btw I thought I saw you on Hwy 100 yesterday, I actually drove back to see if it was you walking to your car because I thought it was a perfect day to grab coffee with you but when I returned you were gone.

I told my husband, I was going to accost you and he said in a very shocked voice "accost him?" (wrong word) we had a good laugh - thanks!

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I’ve lost more photographs during my sojourn over the last decades than I can count. I generally think it’s a good thing because it keeps me focused on the present and near future.

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Introspection without action is futile. It has to be with purpose. Good reflection Bill. I sense hope in your writings.

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Good for you! I always use enjoy your writing.

You are a smart, soulful.person.

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Lost in sadness and regret.

Snap out of it!

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A beautiful, strong poem, I love it.

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