Hi, I'm Jeff Goins.

I'm a bestselling author, podcaster, blogger, marketer, speaker, and a few other things. But really, I’m just a writer.

I’ve been writing my whole life—from amateur comic books to sad songs about girls who refused to date me in high school to books and blogs and more. For me, the experience has never been about the thing and is always about the process. I am always just trying to answer a question.

“What is this?” is the heart of my work and life. Why are we here, what does it all mean, and what is my place in things? That’s what I want to know and what I aim to express in my writing. My work as a writer has always taught me something about myself, and this newsletter is where I share what I’m learning about the magic of words and how they help us reconnect to our deepest nature.

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I played in a band you’ve never heard of (we were huge in Taiwan for a month), wrote some books, and love Chantel. I'm still here.